Lada 2101 – New Wheels/Rims Panasport 13×6

I finally picked up some wheels for the Lada. While at a tire shop getting some tires mounted for my Corvette, I decided to walk around and found an old automotive accessory shop. This shop had stuff for car they were popular in Jamaica during the 1980s and early 90s. Most of the stuff was for old British cars. Ford Escorts, Minis etc.

In the corner of the shop I saw a Panasport wheel. It looked small so I asked the person working in the shop the size of the wheel. They told me is was 13×6 wheel, however they informed me that it would only fit Fiats because it was 4×98. I could not believe my luck, as I was thinking of buying spacers from Russia or Ukraine to run some 4×100 or 4×113 wheels. I believe the only reason these wheels where still in this store is because Fiats and Ladas are pretty much nonexistent in Jamaica as they have all been sold for scrap metal. I bought the wheels the following day.
All I need now is to figure out what size lowering springs to get to lower the car.

See video below showing the wheels/rims.