1962 Rover 100 P4 “Poor Man’s Rolls-Royce” in Kingston Jamaica

1962 Rover 100 P4 Series , known as the “Poor Man’s Rolls-Royce” or the “Auntie” Rover. This car located in Kingston Jamaica, is being restored by the current owner. The car has rear-hinged “suicide” doors, along with a 2.6 liter inline six engine and was considered a mid-size luxury sedan for it’s day.

Manufacturer The Rover Co. Ltd.
Production 1959–1962
Engine 2.6 L (160 cu in) Rover IOE engine straight-6
Wheelbase 111 in (2,819 mm)
Length 178.25 in (4,528 mm)
Width 65.6 in (1,666 mm)
Height 63.25 in (1,607 mm)

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