Modified Classic Resto Lada 2101 & 2102 Cars – From Moscow Russia

Video special from Moscow Russia, featuring Vaz/Lada 2101 and 2102 models with various levels of modifications. In this video the owners tell their stories and explain the modifications done to their cars.

The Lada 2101-2102 were licensed copies of 1960s Fiat 124 sedan and wagon, made specifically for the Soviet and Eastern Bloc nations by VAZ (Volzhsky Avtomobilny Zavod). The production run of this model ran from 1970 until 1982 and was the Soviet version of the ‘people car’ Volkswagen Beetle.

Many believe the Lada was a crude version of the Fiat 124, however the Lada has a more modern OHC engine vs the Fiats Push-rod OHV engine. These was even a short production run of Lada’s equipped with Wankel Rotary engines, for use in the KGB.

Manufacturer VAZ, now AvtoVAZ
Also called
Lada 1200/1200S
Lada 1300
Lada 2101
VAZ-2101 (Sedan)
VAZ-2102 (Wagon)
Production 1970–1988
Assembly Tolyatti, Soviet Union

1.2L VAZ-2101 I4 (gasoline)
1.3L VAZ-21011 I4 (gasoline)
1.5L VAZ-2103 I4 (gasoline)
Transmission 4-speed Manual

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Специальное видео из Москвы, России Посвящённое моделями Vaz 2101 и 2102 с разными уровнями модификации. На видео показаны собственники машин которые говорят о истории машин и объясняют модификации которые сделаны на их машины. Присоединитесь для уникального просмотра на эти классические советские автомобили. Не забудьте подписаться на наш канал!!!