Lada 1200 (2101) Russian Car, Jamaican Project Update #1 – Parts from Ukraine!

Finding parts for this Lada has been very difficult to say the least, you would think with these cars being so popular in the late 70’s and 1980’s that there would be an abundance of parts. I think because these cars disappeared over the years, due to the popularity of Japanese imports, the local parts supply dwindled.

I did some round around Kingston, visiting some of the parts stores that carried Lada parts up until the 1990’s. However between the parts being sold off in the early 2000’s in some stores and poor customer service in others, I decided to reach out to friends in Russia and Ukraine to see if they could assist me.

My friend from Ukraine made quick work of the  parts list I had sent and in about 1 month I received the box with the parts.  Here is a short video with me unboxing and showing the parts that were ordered.

*Please see below for video.